As we prepare to move into March, I decided to try my hand at BBC Good Food Magazine's March issue cover recipe for my 46th different dish of 2020.

Anna Glover's spring one-pot roast chicken is billed as a new take on a classic roast; a roast reinvented. Chicken, mascarpone, tarragon and lemon are the foundational ingredients, alongside a varied line up of spring vegetables.

I loved the idea of serving up one of my daughter's favourites with a twist on the accompaniments. I've never though to roast radishes and they certainly made an impact in the pan adding colour to the dish. However, 80% of them remained on the plates at the end of our meal.

I was also taken with the range of green vegetables. From spring onions and spring greens to peas, they soaked up the aniseed flavour of the tarragon and cooked in mascarpone and lemon juice they were delicious.

I've always been in favour of the one-pot meal; minimising the washing up can only be a good thing. But, definitely not a fan of the soggy roasty, I did have some reservations when it came to the potential crispiness of the potatoes. So I must confess that I roasted my potatoes in a separate tin.

This recipe gained a solid 8/10 from the family. It was easy to make, was sufficiently different from how we might usually serve roast chicken, and didn't disappoint on impact.