Comments like "Oh yes Mummy, you can make this again", "Yummy", and "Mummy, this is delicious!" lead me to say with some confidence that tonight's offering was a winner.

The idea of Salmon Coulibiac has always been appealing although I don't think I have made one before. This take on the idea comes from BBC Good Food online and is billed as a salmon & lemon rice pastry parcel.  It's a simple recipe,  and the combination of salmon, rice, eggs, capers and roasted red peppers works well.  

I didn't quite have the full complement of ingredients and so I cooked plain basmati rice and grated the zest of one lemon into the mixture. I also substituted the hot smoked salmon fillets for smoked salmon.

In the interests of full transparency, given it is Wednesday night, I also used ready rolled puff pastry rather than making my own.

My substitutions clearly didn't have a detrimental impact on the overall reception of this evening's meal and it will definitely be remembered as one to make again.