The first thing to say is that I am not a chef or a cook. I have no professional training when it comes to food, food safety or food hygiene. I’m a home cook, who wants to share my journey into food diversity.

This site includes recipes that I have developed myself. They are probably not perfect, but they taste good and are based on using whole foods and fresh ingredients. The ultimate aim is to avoid food which has been manufactured, and more specifically, food that has been engineered to be hyper-palatable. And inject our diets with more diversity.

There are occasions where I will use ingredients that have been produced in a factory. Tamari is a good example or flour. In such cases I opt for organic products when available.

If I have followed a recipe I will always provide a link where available, or reference where it originates from. Similarly, I am not trained in the the schools of nutrition or diet. But I have read widely on the subject of food and am now relatively confident in what works for me.

When it comes to variety, I discovered at an early age that change is something I am comfortable with. At 13 I was happily enrolled at a South London girls school enjoying everything that was on offer until my younger brother started school. He was destined for a mixed comprehensive with a superb and well-deserved reputation for drama. I decided that’s where I should go too, a suggestion my parents surprisingly responded well to, but which my friends found hard to fathom. Why on earth would you want to leave the safe haven of an environment in which you’re thriving and have good friends?

The answer was for something new. Variety. Change. Excitement. My CV reads in much the same way. It’s what recruiters describe as ‘interesting’, due largely to the wide range of opportunities I’ve come into contact with. All of which have led me to where I am today. Sharing my food journey with you here.

When I’m not in the kitchen or writing about food I’m busy managing a manufacturing business, worlds away from a career in the food industry!