Creating opportunities to eat a variety of different food types, or "eating the rainbow" is often seen as a helpful yardstick for eating more healthily. Fruits and vegetables in particular are rich sources of phytonutrients (the component of plants that offers the beneficial properties) and eating a wide variety, choosing those with the darkest pigmentation first, can provide the antioxidants and nutrients needed to improve our health and help fight disease.

That's probably why our subconscious makes us feel good about eating a bowl of something bright and colourful.

An easy way to mix up your vegetable intake is via this delicious Asian-style slaw recipe by Jeanine Donofrio. Choose to follow the ingredient list or add in some of your own favourite colourful veggies, but don't scrimp on the ginger miso dressing which transforms this slaw into a dish that gives you something to smile about.