After opting to enjoy leftover turkey wellington last night (with leftover Christmas day gravy, new potatoes and creamed spinach) this evening I was back in the kitchen and working on our 43rd different dish of 2020.

This baked salmon with cranberries and pistachio recipe also gives a nod to Christmas, appearing in the December issue of BBC Good Food Magazine. We made it in the run up to the 2019 festivities with the children taking the reins and responsibility for dinner. Both kids had been asking if they could cook, and this was the ideal recipe for them to make by themselves; simple and easy steps that would deliver impressive results that they could be really proud of. I watched, encouraging them from across the room to read the instructions but careful to leave them in control.  

Tonight I remade the dish, cutting a few corners as the chances of finding fresh cranberries at this time of year is slim to none. Instead this recipe gave me the chance to finish off gran's homemade Christmas cranberry sauce.

I also had a bag of sourdough and walnut breadcrumbs in the freezer leftover from my vegetable tart recipe, making the dish very simple to assemble. After spreading the salmon with cranberry sauce I topped this with the breadcrumbs, then finely grated the zest of one lemon over the top.

I baked our half side of salmon wrapped lightly in foil for 30 minutes at 170 degrees (fan oven) and then dressed it with fresh coriander, chopped pistachio nuts and a few cranberries from the sauce.

Brown rice with sautéd chestnut mushrooms and leeks accompanied the baked salmon. With just three of us at home this evening, there was the added bonus of plenty of fish leftover for lunches later this week.