Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a new cook book. This year my husband didn’t disappoint with Laura Mason’s 2019 edition of “Roasts”.  It’s probably not a book I would have picked up and bought for myself. I can’t say exactly why. Perhaps at the back of my mind I question whether you need a recipe for a roast. But once I’d started to flick through the pages, I was a convert. I loved the recipe origin notes and the suggestions for leftovers were particularly resonant.

The first recipe that caught my eye was the Pot Roast Brisket of Beef with its ginger rub. Mason's recipe is based on 'To stew a Rump or the fat end of a Brisket of Beef in the French fashion' found in Robert May's English cookbook 'The Accomplisht Cook' published in 1660.

We served this roast with spring greens and grilled asparagus.