I finalise my menu for the coming week on a Thursday evening, ahead of a supermarket home delivery on Friday. Friday then, usually represents Day 1 of my weekly meal plan.

This Thursday, when reflecting on the first 8 meals of 2020, it was clear little progress had made in increasing the proportion of fish and vegetarian meals we consume with meat featuring in 75% of our dinners so far.

Clearly, I’m going to have to embrace plant-based dishes more enthusiastically at this early stage, if I hope to succeed. It was fortunate then that Santa delivered Nigel Slater’s Greenfeast books this Christmas.

With yesterday covered, this week's Saturday meal was the first recipe I’ve tried from the Greenfeast autumn winter book and I would have done well to follow it to the letter. Instead, I decided to boil my lentils for 10 minutes before incorporating into the recipe. Which should have been fine, if I’d accounted for this when adding the stock. The result was overly watery lentils.

This was quickly followed by another facepalm moment; I’d doubled the quantities to provide lunches during the week.

On the table, the fragrant spices and sweetness of the garam masala worked well with the sharpness of the malt vinegar from the steamed beetroot and the peppery lentils. A dollop of natural bio yogurt and the patiently browned onions were most definitely the saving grace. I just had to close my eyes, to spoon in the vibrant pink sludge with its beetroot peaks.