We love a burger in our house and we've experimented with lots of recipes from beef, oregano and ricotta burgers to chick pea and mushroom patties (I'll definitely cook the latter again in 2020 as they were a real hit with the kids last year). Today was going to be a burger day, it was just a question of what kind.  

I'm sad to admit that I have in that past fallen prey to those clever food marketing folk who uplifted the burger of 90s (and it's price) by packaging them inside delicious looking buns enriched with milk, glazed with egg, topped with sesame seeds and piled high with sugar. Yes, I am, of course, referring to the highly contentious brioche burger bun. These days I steer clear of them, but they do give a burger a lick of class.

When I began to think about a veggie burger to cook, I had a suspicion that sweet potato and black beans would work well, so I typed it into Google. Tamsin Burnett-Hall's recipe for Smoky black bean and sweet potato vegan burgers was one of the first search results, as featured in Sainsbury's magazine. The fact it was photographed stacked in a tasty looking bun, was not lost on me.

Really easy to make, this recipe delivered great results.

I chose to serve it without a bun and with coleslaw (red cabbage, carrots, spring onions, chives, mayo and seasoned with black pepper). As an afterthought, I also threw together a very quick chipotle sauce using sour cream, chipotle chilli flakes, worcestershire sauce and a squeeze of lime juice.