If you like a good murg makhani, a.k.a butter chicken (or chicken cooked in a lightly spiced tomato sauce - so good for kids) and lasagna is a family favourite then the Twisted Food team's recipe for butter chicken lasagna is a sure fire way to change up dinner time.

I'd never considered marrying Italian and Indian cuisines, but it turns out curry lasagna has been doing the rounds for some time ; Google returns 2,340 results for the search term "curry lasagna recipe".

The Twisted team's take on this fusion dish came my way via my friend Tina's son, Harry. At age 14, he's a consummate home cook and treated himself to Twisted's original 2016 cookbook this summer. His suggested addition to my 292 different meals across 2020 was gratefully received and approached with some excitement by me.

My lasagna served 5, including my Mum, and could best be described as a dish of pure comfort and utter joy. It combined all the satisfying textures of lasagna, and yet transported me to my favourite Indian restaurant even though I'm more of a dhansak or pathia girl than a butter chicken one.

Heavenly, it will definitely appear on our top ten list of favourite dishes.