2020 is the year I discovered tahini as a salad dressing ingredient that has added a new dimension to the way we now serve bowls of raw vegetables. Previously, I'd only ever bought tahini to make hummus, now it owns its own slot on the condiment shelf in the fridge and is used with increasing regularity.

This recipe for quinoa and avocado salad jumped out at me from the BBC Good Food website simply because it looked great on the page. Colourful, with lots of healthy ingredients, it seemed an ideal summer salad option and one which I thought I could use to sneak quinoa onto the plate without the family really noticing. Or at least, not until it was too late.

With a little help from Google I've come to the conclusion that a California salad combines nuts, greens, often avocado, and pretty much anything else. In this version, avocado and butternut squash are the main players with a host of supporting fresh flavours that include spring onions, pomegranate seeds and broccoli (which I substituted for asparagus spears). Topped with chopped pistachios the end result is a bright plate packed full of flavour which looks and tastes healthy and leaves you feeling like you've eaten like a Hollywood film star.