Readers of Virtues of Variety will know that my attempts to serve cauliflower are largely achieved by stealth. Although I've billed this evening's dish to my family as a 'soufflé-like' savory cake, a crisis of confidence drove me to the freezer where I dug out a pre-made lasagna for the kids.

This still left my husband, who is possibly the most vocal when it comes to the unpalatable properties of the cauliflower. He appeared in the kitchen just as I was tipping the chopped roasted 'curd' into the white sauce, voicing his suspicions with an accusatory "that looks like cauliflower cheese". "Nope," I replied nonchalantly colouring a little at the realisation I'd just made a cheesy cauliflower sauce.

This recipe from Olive Magazine is relatively easy to make. It has a few different stages and the roasting and baking combined do mean it's not a quick supper. (I started cooking at 5:30pm and served at 7:30pm). The crispy kale and caramelised pine nuts added vitality and colour to the cheesy cake and really do complement the sformato, so don't be tempted to leave either out.

I followed Janine Ratcliffe's recipe to the letter and the results didn't disappoint, although my cake did look a lot wetter on the plate once the first slice had been removed.  

My husband's verdict? "It tastes perfectly edible" he concluded. "Great", I replied "we can have it for lunch tomorrow, then!" "Err, please can I, not?" he petitioned.