Thursdays have become the day when I traditionally run out of steam before Fridays when the desire to cook sometimes alludes me altogether. I suspect this is because my weekly meal plan starts on a Saturday. A lot of effort goes into the weekend and the week starts well but by Thursday I've adapted the plan and am out of runway.

This might possibly have been the case again this week if the BBC Good Food October edition not just arrived. This recipe for charred sweetcorn, red pepper and bulgar wheat pilaf caught my attention. Healthy, low in calories and at 92p per portion it stood out as an easy and thrifty mid-week option.

If you haven't used bulgar wheat before, it's a great staple to have in the cupboard to add to casseroles and stews as it is excellent at soaking up flavour and eeking out a dish when you only have a modest amount of meat to play with.

Tonight's supper was perfectly respectable taste wise and helped keep this week's shopping budget in check.