It has taken 75 different meals in 2020 for one of my children to look at me beseechingly and ask if it's OK to leave the table with their mouthful. I've tried to coax and cajole my children to clear their plates over the years but I've never forced them. So I reluctantly nodded consent as my daughter hot footed it towards the kitchen bin.

I enjoyed making this recipe from Kim Sujovolsky which I found on the One Green Planet website. I've made quite a few vegetarian loaves over the years, but was keen to find a recipe that used chestnuts. Sujovolsky's recipe was the top result when I Goggled 'chestnut and lentil bake', needed items I had readily available in my cupboard, and was easy to prepare.

This loaf's saving grace was Gran's (leftover from Christmas) cranberry sauce. The sauce's sweetness lifted the otherwise dry and rather dense bake -  which could of course, be down to my cooking. The loaf worked for me, but even the sauce couldn't save it for my daughter.

When I set out to make this evening's meal, my intention had been to add another vegetarian meal to our list; however, there was an appeal for meat this evening, so baked chicken breasts were served on the side.