The inspiration for tonight's meal came from a book The Science of Spice. The first section explores the world in relation to the spices found in different regions and their use in national cuisines. In its study of Southeast Asia, it identifies the "holy trinity" of bay, black pepper and garlic as characteristic of Filipino cuisine.

After 333 years of Spanish rule it is perhaps not surprising that a Spanish word is used to describe a dish many consider to be the unofficial national dish of the Philippines. Translated into English, Adobo means 'dressing' which refers to the Filipino technique of preserving meat in vinegar and spices.  

My spice book offered a "spiced-up" Adobo recipe, but in search of a more traditional version I followed this recipe from the website, using rice vinegar (instead of coconut vinegar).

With little chance of international travel for the foreseeable future our chicken and pork adobo made for a mild and aromatic food journey, even if we didn't get to visit the Republic of the Philippines' white-sand beaches, beautiful landscapes and bustling cities.