Little strips of chicken, crispy coated in sourdough breadcrumbs and encased in a soft tortilla wrap. Appearing on the table to rapturous applause, this is one of those easy meals my children have enjoyed since their early years.

Ten years ago, the thought of chopping, dipping, and rolling pieces of chicken in bowls of flour, egg and bread crumbs presented itself as a wholly unwelcome and unnecessary step in the process of dinner making after a long day at work. At that time, my goujons came straight out of a packet from the chilled section of the supermarket. Perhaps I would have felt differently if I was a stay at home Mum.

Today, still working full time, with children now 14 and 12, spending twenty minutes making goujons seems like a breeze. I do have to confess to not making homemade tortilla today though; I'll save that for a weekend when baking is high on the agenda.

Finally, convinced that gut health is key to our more general wellbeing, I made pickled cabbage to serve alongside.