Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries has been a favourite since it was published back in 2005.  I can't recall if I'd made this fragrant chicken dish in the past, but it's one of the dishes that feature in his diaries April entries, so it felt fitting to add it to this week's menu.

My meal planning often finds me propped up in bed with way too many books crushing the duvet on either side of me and making it difficult to get up (at least that's my excuse). It's not unusual though for me to Google ingredients, land on a recipe that meets my initial criteria and then take a punt that the site is reputable and that the recipe will indeed deliver the results I'm hoping for.  

A high risk strategy perhaps. Which is why it is comforting to retreat back to trusted books where the act of following the recipe should, on balance, deliver an impressive dish. Bringing out the big guns doesn't always work for me, but there's definitely a comfort factor in falling back on recipes from national treasures.

This evening's curry was delicious.