Since enjoying Meera Syal's vegetable biryani, I have been keen to venture further into the realms of vegetable curries. Curry also provides a legitimate excuse to make more flatbreads (disguised as naan), something I have been enjoying a little too much of late.

The fridge was home to half a large bag of baby spinach and a leftover aubergine, so I sought out two relatively easy recipes that would make use of these and other ingredients that I had readily available. The chickpea and spinach curry recipe should have potatoes, but I chose not to add them to make the dish lighter. In the vegan aubergine dhansak I used yellow split lentils instead of orange.

The dhansak was by far the tastier of the two dishes. Aubergine has a satisfying quality; often referred to as the meat of the vegetable world its deep rich taste is matched with something substantial about the texture.

Work remains if I am to master the vegetable curry. Next step is to seek out some more authentic recipes to try.