The last time I made chocolate brownies they stayed in the tin for far longer than any great brownie should. My kids reported that they were "delicious...but very rich". I used this easy gooey brownies recipe but substituted a few of the ingredients and didn't use the caramel or chocolate spread the recipe suggests. Even so, it felt like it includes a lot of sugar (75g light soft brown sugar, 125g golden caster sugar, 1 tbsp golden syrup, plus 150g of dark chocolate).

In search of a better bake that would literally fly out of the tin, I asked my friends at Blackbird Bread to share their favourite chocolate brownie recipe. With the same amount of dark chocolate on their ingredient list but just 65g of sugar, the Blackbird brownies felt just that bit more healthy (as far as a brownie can be), and there was no holding the kids back with this batch.

Not too cakey, plenty gooey and fudgy, and perfectly chocolatey, these brownies hit the mark and my lot devoured them in record time.

Following our decadent dessert, to curb my chocolate cravings I whipped up a batch of overnight oats for breakfasts this week using my favourite organic cacao powder. Rich in magnesium and copper, my cacao loaded breakfast will hopefully boost my energy levels and leave me less of a chocolate sinner and more of a chocolate saint.