Lasagne sits at number 12 in the nation's favourite evening meals and it's another dish that appeared on our roster of 22 meals in 2015. In fact it's first on the list, although the dishes appear in no particular order. Over time (and especially when the kids were little) I've made it so often I suspect it's why my daughter now turns her nose up at the suggestion of it.

For me, lasagne is more than an Italian dish of stacked pasta sheets sandwiched with alternating layers of bolognese and béchamel sauces. Instead it holds the magical quality of being capable of transporting me back to the 90s (when lasagne was number 7 on the list of Britons' favourite meals) and memories of getting ready to hit the pubs and nightclubs of South East London.

Earlier this month I reconnected with my oldest and best friend from childhood. A person I've known since the first day of infant school and with whom I enjoyed many firsts over the years. It was a real source of sadness that we'd lost touch, but after 23 years, a two hour phone call on 17 May 2020 established that while people change and grow over time, an old friend will always be an old friend.

In honour of my friend Tina and her sister Paula, this evening I made a classic lasagne. It's a meal we'd often make for each other in our mothers' kitchens to prepare for a good night out. I served it with frozen peas, just as we did all those years ago and how I still serve it today.