Japanese ramen noodle soup is a family favourite, but something I have never cooked myself. Deemed a special dish, it's a love born of multitudinous trips to Wagamama and the plucky capacity of my 12 yo to manage a huge bowl of chilli chicken ramen and still have room in her pudding pouch. And yes, I know there's a big difference between Japanese food and the Wagamama menu, albeit inspired by Japanese ramen bars.

With the possibility of visiting Wagamama off the table for the foreseeable future, I decided to try to bring a little noodle magic to our dinner table.

Searching for recipes online, I faced lists of ingredients that I'd never heard of and knew it would be difficult to source locally (kombu, dried bonito flakes, chashu, nitamago, nori, la-yu). Realising I was heading towards a less authentic ramen recreation, I was almost relieved to find this easy chicken ramen recipe due to its simplicity.

Uncomplicated, but not subtle, this evening's meal was brash but there was nothing tasteless about it!