A veggie meal was on the cards for this evening and I'd given myself broccoli, squash and fungi to work with. A Google search dished up endless recipe suggestions but seven listings down on page one,  this recipe from the Brooklyn Homemaker site appealed.

I don't often cook pasta but 'bow ties' happens to be my kids' favourite pasta shape, so I experienced a feeling that something synergetic was at play when they appeared alongside my set list of ingredients. Conscious that my gut often leads me to choose a recipe without doing any due diligence on the baker/chef/cook, I took a few minutes to delve a little deeper into the Brooklyn Homemaker's blog. The fact that I lost track of time, (pushing up the average number of page views and overall dwell time on the site exponentially) was another sign that I should go ahead and make this farfalle with broccoli, butternut squash and mushroom recipe.  

Cooking a dish with strong nutritional credentials always feels rewarding. The combination of mushrooms (low in calories, high in protein, and a source of vitamin D and B12), broccoli (high in many nutrients including isothiocyanates making them effective as an anticarcinogen) and butternut squash (jam packed with vitamins and minerals, fiber and other phytonutrients to help prevent disease) make this a feel good recipe in the healthy eating stakes if you can reconcile yourself with a dose of refine carbs.

Marking the 100th dish of my 2020 cooking challenge to inject more variety into our mealtimes with 292 different dinners, today felt like something of a milestone and as such I was nervous about the potential of dud dish. I needn't have worried. This recipe is an absolute winner and I'd make it again in a heart beat.