Fattoush salad was on our list of 2015 Family Meals on Rotation and is a dish we've been making with regularity since 2012. It was my husband, who, in search of something different, originally found, cooked and served up the recipe to our children who were 6 and 4 at the time.

It's always something of a gamble with our kids - you never really know what their response will be. I can be certain they'll turn their noses up at something and then they will surprise me with a voracious appetite for a dish that is quite unusual. And conversely they can, without notice, decide that an 'old favourite' is off the menu for good.

I suspect sometimes we (parents in general) give up a little too easily and actually, if we keep trying to push the boundaries it's surprising what kids will eat.

My son literally hoovered up his Fatoush aged 6 to the extent that I remember my husband and I exchanging looks at the table and taking a moment to stop and watch. Since then Fatoush has always had a special significance; for us it represents a good healthy salad that's a bit different but guaranteed to go down well.

One of the key features of the Lebanese Fatoush is torn pieces of pitta bread. This evening our pantry was lacking pitta so instead I fried pieces of sourdough into chunky croutons, so that it remained a bread salad.