My intention had been to create Nigel Slater's recipe (scroll to find it) from Greenfest, autumn winter, as it appears in the book adding another vegetarian dish to our list of 2020 meals. However, I had an inkling that pan fried and then oven baked chicken breasts would complement this recipe well and might appease one or two clamorous voices. It did, indeed, deliver the results I was looking for.

But the recipe certainly stands alone. Halloumi is a family favorite and has featured regularly on our table in the past starring alongside beetroot as the supporting act, in range of salads. This evening's effort was rewarded with the feedback that the "Halloumi has just the right level of squeakiness." I'll take that! This recipe also introduced fennel to our table (used only intermittently in the past) as an ingredient that complements halloumi excellently.

For me, the pea puree (I'm calling it that, but Mr Slater refrains from giving it a name) was the pièce de résistance. Absolutely delicious, it will feature again alongside other dishes I deliver up in the future.  

This evening, I was very careful to keep back some fine looking fennel fronds to dress the dish, but as usual, I forgot to add them and so the plates and photography were delivered sans fronds.