Tonight's meal was inspired by the Rangoon Sisters (Amy & Emily Chung's) recipe for Mohinga (fish and lemongrass noodle soup), the national dish of Myanmar, formerly Burma. Missing some key ingredients, namely lemongrass and fresh coriander, I realised I wouldn't be making a Mohinga this evening, but felt confident I had enough ingredients to create a tasty fish noodle soup.

A can of pilchards in brine isn't something I'd usually have in the cupboard, but when I bought one to make this recipe I was struck by how cost effective it is (at £1.20 for 400g) as a source of protein. This made tonight's dinner a really cheap meal.

I felt the need to underplay the fact that the fish in our soup would be pilchards, but there will be no need to play down these little sardines in the future. Dinnertime was accompanied by noises best described as rapturous. An overwhelmingly positive response proved to me that the ingredients you least expect to surprise you, can really exceed your expectations and sometimes it's definitely worth improvising!

Finally, it was a happy coincidence that this dish is another example of fish and eggs in harmony!