I have to admit that I use the term quiche, flan and tart interchangeably. I have tried to gain clarity around what differentiates these culinary terms and remain confused.

There appears to be general consensus that the quiche consists of a pastry case with an egg and cheese filling with its flavour further enhanced by combinations of meat, fish or vegetables. Yet quiche is sometimes referred to as a French tart.  

The description of a tart is less prescriptive. All it holds in common with the quiche is its pastry base and open top. Filling wise anything goes, sweet or savory, although custard often features in sweet tarts.

So what about the flan? I've seen flans described in much the same was as a tart, yet I've also seen a Quiche Lorraine given as an example of a one. Now we've come full circle and I'm still confused.

Semantics aside, I used this Gordon Ramsay recipe for this evening's quiche. It's the first time this year I haven't made my own pastry. Tired after a long day at work on the hottest day of the year so far, I stopped at my local Coop on my way home and bought a box of the ready rolled stuff.

I made two individual servings and one quiche that serves two which look unfussy and plain in the photograph, but they tasted sensational. The egg, cheese and cream filling give each quiche a decadent feel and the leeks and pancetta complemented this beautifully. Perfect summer picinic fodder, I'll be making these again - as everybody LOVED them.