A quick read of my blog entries will reveal a long held family fondness for Wagamama. This recipe comes from The Gousto Blog and is enticingly entitled 'How to make the perfect Wagamama Ramen'.

To explore the origins of Ramen, I checked out the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum online. Seemingly less museum and more Japanese noodle soup food court, the Yokohama attraction tells the story of how Ramen evolved from Chinese noodle dishes, the differentiator being its rich and distinctly umami soup.

Rather than having a dashi (stock) made from Bonito Flakes or Konbu Kelp at its core, Gousto's recipe keeps things simple for the UK cook, relying on a chicken stock cube, Sriracha hot chilli sauce and boiled water. It's less umami and more spicy soup with a kick.

Our soba noodles were topped with this recipe's ginger soy marinaded chicken, along with a boiled egg, lime, spring onions, red onions and coriander.