Continuing to plough through Nigel Slater's Greenfeast; spring, summer with this recipe for creamy green chickpea balls (p136).

In contrast to traditional falafel recipes, these fellas didn't feature garlic (incorporated into the accompanying yogurt dressing) instead the ingredient list comprised chickpeas, broad beans, peas, tarragon, parsley, mint and spring onions.

Whizzing the ingredients together in the food processor makes this a quick to prep dish and the falafel mix smelled amazing in the bowl.

For the salsa (cherry tomatoes, red onion, melon and cornichons) I swapped the suggested watermelon for a honeydew variety, which worked just as well providing a cool, tangy accompaniment to the warm falafel.

Finally, greek yogurt, mint and sumac was my alternative to Nigel's garlicky dressing to drizzle over our flatbreads.