There's something Morecambe and Wise about haddock and eggs. They don't have the power to make you laugh, but I find it hard to think of haddock without eggs stealing some of the limelight.

These two food stuffs have long appeared on the same stage together. Regardless of whether the egg comes first (as in eggs benedict with smoked haddock) or the fish appears in pole position (as in breakfast haddock with scrambled eggs) or both ingredients are hidden behind a name like kedgeree, there are a host of dishes demonstrating that this saltwater fish and eggs are a well established pairing.

This evening I fashioned my own ensemble. My fish was pan fried simply with a good season and a sprinkling of cayenne pepper. I made my sauce by wilting a bag of watercress in some cream with a tsp of dijon mustard and a good season. I piled both onto a bed of brown rice and topped it all off with a poached egg.

While it may all look a little beige on the plate, there was nothing plain about the taste. I'm now off to investigate other ways to combine these two sources of protein on the plate in a way that is sufficiently different to count as another of my 292 unique evening meals.