This evening's dish was inspired by a meal at The Cross Inn at Paxton at the very beginning of 2020. A well presented pub style restaurant it offers a menu to suit most tastes and a specials board that exceeds expectations. The front of house staff are also excellent helping to make the lunch I had with my Mum a really memorable experience.

My efforts don't accurately reflect the artistry of The Cross Inn's chef who presented his haddock with a beautiful caper sauce and a mix of steamed vegetables. At lunch our eyes strayed to the dessert board leading us to indulge in the most delicious white chocolate and raspberry tart. This, I did not try to recreate.

This evening's version comprised haddock fillets (from William F Anderson & Son fishmongers in Melrose) wrapped, as the title implies, in parma ham and baked. The fish was accompanied by steamed and buttered chantenay carrots and fine green beans inspired by Ottolenghi's two bean and two lime salad recipe. I omitted the edamame beans (so it was a one bean dish) and chose to serve it hot.