I know that I should bite the bullet and order all those ingredients I can't lay my hands on locally, online. Limited access to key supplies has hobbled some of my more ambitious cooking aspirations, but finding a good oriental food specialist online feels like hard work. In truth, I don't like any kind of shopping at the best of times - in fact my Mum used to tease me that I always needed a lie down after a trip to the shops as a teenager, as if it drained the very essence of my being.

Dim sum have been on the list of 'must makes', but every time I google oriental supermarket, I'm reminded that pre-prepared dumpling wrappers fall into the processed food bracket which halts me in my purchasing tracks again.

In an attempt to help me over this hurdle, my husband bought me a set of dumpling dough presses. 48 hours later I'd found a recipe for wrappers (a surprisingly simple mix of flour, egg, water and salt) and was ready to start dim sum making.

I chose the Hairy Bikers' recipe for pork and prawn dim sum for its simplicity, but found the actual wrapper rolling and filling fiddly in the extreme and time consuming work. Not really one for a Tuesday evening after a long day at work and we ended up eating much later than usual. Our dim sum were, however, tasty and the process has given me the confidence to take a deeper dive into dumplings - although preferably on a weekend next time.