Roast ham with baked potatoes and coleslaw features on our 2015 list of 22 meals on rotation and has been a firm favourite over the years. We've served it on multiple occasions and as a Boxing Day reprieve from leftover Turkey as well as to friends when the occasion calls for a substantial yet relaxed lunch or dinner.

There is something about a buttery potato, fluffy on the inside with a crunchy shell combined with salty ham and a crisp raw cabbage salad that is just heaven. In the spirit of variety, I decided to upscale our usual coleslaw with this recipe by Faith Durand on the kitchn website.

Two different cabbages, a lemon and honey dressing and lightly toasted hazelnuts complemented our ham and potatoes just as well as my usual recipe (raw cabbage, spring onions, carrots, lots of black pepper and mayo) changing up an old favourite.