The red onion, red pepper, olive and pomegranate molasses relish, and harissa yoghurt leftover from last night's supper would have been a crime to waste. A lover of leftovers, I set about fashioning this evening's meal around these two delicious accompaniments.

Salmon goujons made it to the table, simply because haddock ones have already featured on my list of 292 meals. In fact, homemade haddock fish fingers have become one of the kids' favourites (albeit, 11 years later than perhaps it should have) and they now make it onto the table regularly when I've run out of 292 steam.

My salmon fillets were cut into fingers and then rolled in flour, beaten egg and sourdough breadcrumbs heavily seasoned with ground harissa. They were pan fried and served with salad leaves and healthy dollops of relish and harissa yogurt.