I’ve been looking forward to this meal since 20th December when I stepped out of Duns RFC with a plateful of leftover hog roast. Our Christmas party had been catered by Oink and the helpful staff assured me the meat would be fine to freeze, so it looked like it could be an easy cheat option for the future. Conscious that I’d batch-cooked red cabbage in the run up to Christmas, I also knew I had the perfect pre-prepared vegetable to complement the pork perfectly.

With the two main parts of this evening’s meal simply requiring defrosting and reheating, I could set about making a white bean mash and an onion gravy, using a recipe from Nigel Slater's 'Real Food' without too much fuss. In truth, this was something of a relief after the first week of my virtues of variety 292/365 challenge. I know, it’s early days for lethargy to set in, but after a busy return to work, I was in need of something effortless to to finish off the week.

I didn’t use a recipe for the mash. I gently softened some garlic and then tipped this into a food processor with three 400g tins of cannellini beans (chosen for their mild flavour and creamy texture when mashed). I added a few tbs of vegetable boullion to loosen the mash then transferred to a saucepan to warm through.

The gravy was the most labour intensive element, but worth the investment. A failsafe, this recipe delivered a rich glossy sauce that kept the pork juicy and the mash tasty.

The end result was a dish with pretensions towards a comforting plate of sausages and mash; an ideal way to end the week.