In 2019 I read Mark Schatzker's book 'The Dorito Effect'. It is a magnificent health food read on flavour, what taste really means and how our tongues can be easily fooled. I found it truly eye opening (in fact now I want to read it all over again) and it certainly makes me think every time I'm offered a Dorito or similarly flavoured snack.

This makes the choice of tonight's meal something of an anathema. However, I decided to roll with the idea for Doritos lasagne for a few reasons

  1. It was a suggestion from 'the boys' in the household, and I was fed up of hearing myself say "no"
  2. Much of what I have cooked this year has been underpinned by a health food agenda. Not everything has been 100% healthy, but this has been a driving force.  As I reach the very end and reflect on all the meals I have cooked maybe it's time to play around and have a little fun
  3. There is something gratifying about a little filth in our lives and it felt like the right time to get dirty.

Historically, tins of soup have never been a go to for me when it comes to cooking so adding two (chicken and mushroom - I used Heinz but only because that was what was available in the local shop) felt supremely lazy. Conversely creating 'lasagne' layers of finely crushed Doritos was strangely pleasurable.

Equally odd was the fact that our lasagne of highly processed and industrially made ingredients (bar the onion, red pepper and chicken breasts which were our butcher's finest) actually tasted relatively healthy and not nearly as filthy as we expected it to. Or perhaps that was the Christmas eve booze talking.

The kids loved the novelty of this dish and once in a blue moon why not cook something totally crazy!