Tonight's effort was less epic and more convenience meal. I'm tempted to suggest it stems from the fact that my husband did the shopping again.

In an effort to bolster our range of Japanese ingredients he scooped up miso paste, udon noodles, teriyaki marinade and a Yutaka katsu curry sauce at the supermarket today.

I'd mentioned to my husband that Wagamama's executive chef Steve Mangleshot had shared the restaurant's recipe for katsu curry on line at the end of April, and I'd resolved to add this to our list of upcoming meals. I would have preferred to make my own katsu sauce not having used a jar, packet or "kit" in quite some time, but the sauce block looked appealing as an opportunity to make a super fast meal.

Noodles and rice were off the menu for me today. Instead, I added 150g of fresh baby spinach to the sauce and served it simply over pan-fried, then oven cooked chicken fillets.