I can usually be found in the kitchen on a Saturday, but not today. My morning began in the office, then I served as a taxi driver picking up after a hockey match, before heading out for hairdresser appointments. Consequently, my husband was strong armed into cooking this evening's meal.

Although Al enjoys cooking, he has done very little this year, so I had no compunction in asking him to make this 281st different evening meal.

Durkhanai Ayubi is an Afghan Australian and her recipes like this one for Kebabeh degee morgh ooze familial stories, history and heritage. This recipe like many included in her book of the same name as her family's restaurant in Adelaide, Parwana, was passed down from her mother, Farida.

We loved the distinct freshness of this chicken curry and also the fact that it was suitable for kids who might otherwise shy away from spicy offerings.

As soon as the table was cleared my next job was to hop online and order a copy of Durkhanai Ayubi's book Parwana!