Curry has featured regularly on our table over the course of 2020 and as the list of dishes has expanded there is an imperative to recognise how each recipe differs in taste and preparation from previous ones. Kosha mangsho is distinct in that it is a popular Bengali mutton curry.

I'm always happy to get hold of mutton. The meat of sheep over the age of two (lamb is under 1 year, hogget 1 -2 years) mutton is not only cheaper than lamb it also has a stronger flavour.

In actuality it's more than likely that an authentic kosha mangsho is made using goat meat (also referred to as mutton in India), but with little opportunity to lay my hands on goat, I'm making do with mutton from sheep.

This recipe for kosha mangsho comes from The Times of India recipe section. It calls for marinading in a yogurt and spice mix and it's a slow cook recipe so I made it last night ready for a quick Tuesday evening supper.

My dish lacked the red hue I was expecting and looked more like a green curry. Colour aside, it boasted a thick rich spicy gravy and the meat was tender and juicy.