This evening it wasn't only our meat that had its origins in Duns. We were fortunate to receive a surprise delivery of vegetables from a friend's garden that included freshly picked chard, kale and spinach. And as luck would have it, the chard was just right to pair with this evening's lamb neck.

Wanting to ensure I cooked the lamb neck fillets perfectly, I took to the internet to research the best method and stumbled on this video by the Daylesford Cookery School.  It guided me through the cooking steps to deliver excellent results.

I also took inspiration from the Daylesford recipe by serving my lamb with pesto, but I chose to make a hybrid using basil and coriander. The dish was accompanied by Sally's chard lightly sautéd in the lamb juices and slow roasted carrots.

While I wouldn't dream of professing to producing restaurant quality food, this evening's dinner was as close as I've been so far during this 292/365 challenge.