I've had the Honey & Co book by Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich since it was published in 2014, but it's been woefully under used. Compare it to the pages of Claire Macdonald's Simply Seasonal, sauce splodged and crinkled, the dust jacket ripped at the edges and you get the picture.

Although the Honey & Co book has certainly been well thumbed; I regularly pick it up and flick through the pages hoping something will jump out at me. But there's something about the book's formatting and photography that block my total immersion.

However, looking for leftover dishes for yesterday's roast lamb, this salad jumped out as the perfect next day supper, especially as the forecast for the weekend was for warm weather.

I skipped the steps that involved cooking the lamb and focused on the sauce. The combination of fennel seeds and plums was magical, transforming a pan of fruit into the most delicious warm dressing, which I have mentally filed away to use with duck dishes in the future. Finely slicing the lamb with a meat slicer, all that was left was a quick assembly.

Top marks at the table and an easy supper that was just perfect for after our 5k family lockdown walk (in the sun!)