I still can't shift my cold and while I had a supermarket delivery due this evening (a day early because we are running low and tomorrow is Valentine's Day - yes I am anticipating a night out) I knew the children wouldn't be able to wait for their dinner. So leftovers were the order of the day.

I dug out black bean and sweet potato burgers from the freezer (from 20th Jan) and made an ad hoc coconut and mushroom rice to accompany them. No prizes for food innovation, but three out of four plates were clean and there were but a few crumbs left on the last plate, so it can't have been half bad.

For the rice, I gently softened half a red onion. Then added a handful (4 in my case because that was what was left in the fridge) of finely chopped mushrooms. This was quickly followed by 1 x 400ml can of coconut milk, a lemongrass stalk and 200ml of water. I simmered gently for 15 minutes adding a handful of chopped fresh parsley (I would have used coriander, but I used it all up yesterday). The creamy rice worked well alongside the burgers.