I had every intention of cooking this evening and then I opened the fridge.

Stacked neatly in boxes were leftovers from Friday's jackfruit chilli, Saturday's cauliflower pilaf, salsa verde from Sunday's roast lamb and last night's shepherd's pie. (I'd carefully frozen the six uncooked leftover black bean and sweet potato burgers from Monday). Usually I'd work my way through the appetizing options during the week for lunch, but this week had started with a series of meetings where lunch was provided. Tomorrow will be the same.

Launching into a fresh set of ingredients felt wasteful when I knew what was left would then be destined for the bin. It was time for a leftovers dinner.

The portion of Jack's chilli was nearing its fridge life. To be fair, so was the cauliflower pilaf. However, I decided to serve the shepherd's pie with pilaf accompanied by salsa verde. This provided two hassle free meals along with a well needed fridge declutter leaving me free to relax.