Having been enjoying breaded carne with twists from different European states, this evening I was excited to embrace the German schnitzel. With veal firmly off the menu I bypassed the Wiener Schnitzel, its protected geographical indication meaning it can only be made using the meat of calves, and looked instead to the Hairy Bikers take on the pork schnitzel, crumbed with lemon, thyme and parmesan.

I'm always conscious of the need to cook pork properly which usually leads to dried out chops, steaks and joints. This evening I was determined to trust the recipe (it's the Hairy Bikers after all) and so after tenderising my loin steaks with a rolling pin to precisely 1cm, I fried them for exactly 3 minutes per side. Removing them from the pan as the timer chimed took much resolve, but it paid off as the schnitzel's were cooked to perfection.

I served them simply with sides designed to please my crowd, green beans and corn on the cob.