A portion of our leftover beef joint was repurposed into a quick, thrown together (hence, no measurements) Tuesday supper; cooking time 4 minutes, and approximately 10 minutes prep.

Lemongrass puree was at the heart of a sauce for the beef, combined with fish sauce, crushed garlic, oil, soy sauce, a sprinkling of sugar and a good season. The puree was the only lemongrass I could lay my hands on, but it turned out to be perfect for this recipe.

I then shredded a small cabbage, broke up a head of broccoli and thinly sliced some leftover runner beans. I made a dressing for the vegetables using freshly squeezed lime juice, oil, a dash more fish sauce and a 1/4 of a finely diced red onion.

Everything was cooked within the time it took to simmer the noodles (4 minutes); the vegetables blanched and the meat warmed through in its sauce. The dressing was then mixed through the drained vegetables and everything piled into bowls.

A solid 8/10 according to my daughter.