Despite all the odds (by which I actually mean a burgeoning inbox demanding way more attention that it really should) I had an exceptional day today. It came largely as a result of putting myself in the position of being surrounded by very smart people who I can learn from.

The next direct consequence of this was that I drove home fired up and excited to cook this evening's meal.

Despite looking rather insipid in the saucepan (I certainly wasn't going to forget to sprinkle on the dill and pomegranate seeds), lentils with tamarind and dates had lots of taste appeal on paper.

Medjool dates are my sweet treat; I love them. Red lentils have been a favorite ever since I discovered Steve's spicy red lentils recipe, eons ago. And tamarind with its sweet and sour taste, has lots of nutritional benefits including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All in all, it promised a lot.

Happy to report it delivered in spades. My son cleared his plate, which is always a good sign with something new and it took all the will power I could muster not to plough into a second bowl myself. Just the two of us for supper this evening means I have a satisfyingly good lunch to look forward to tomorrow!