I have already served fish tacos, back in April when I cooked Ottolenghi's fishcake tacos with mango, lime and cumin yoghurt but tonight's version was significantly different. While Ottolenghi's tacos were pattie like cakes, tonight's recipe from issue 67 (summer 2020) of the Coop's Food magazine offers a simpler flame-free solution.

Mackerel has long been a family favourite. When we weren't avoiding starch, jacket potatoes (still have to add these to this year's list of meals) were something we'd often top with smoked mackerel and coleslaw. It has also featured regularly in our salads, fishcakes and smoked mackerel pate. Until tonight though, I'd never put it in a taco.

Truth is I have always thought of taco as exclusively Mexican. But it turns out even the French have their own signature taco, the matelas (mattress), a flour tortilla filled with meat, cheese and most surprisingly french fries and topped with a cheese sauce. The Greeks give a nod to the thin filled flatbread with their gyros. And San Diego boasts the Tahdig Taco Company selling the crust that sticks to the bottom of Iranian rice (tahdig) as a Persian variety.

This evening's mackerel tacos combined fish, avocado and red cabbage, with a tomato salsa and a sour cream and hot sauce dip. Accompanied by the citrusy flavour of limes, it tasted fresh and healthy, but even more satisfying was the super fast prep time that means you can get this meal on the table within 15 minutes on a busy school night.