This recipe appeared in the August 2016 issue of Good Food Magazine. It's billed as a Summer vegetable & pesto rose tart.  As one of our party has an aversion to aubergine, I substituted this meat of the vegetable world for butternut squash and bell peppers, which everyone loves.  

Anticipating that the prep would take some time,  I started early to ensure I wouldn't end up in a rush in the run up to dinner time. But the 40 minutes suggested in the recipe is a woeful under estimate. Measuring out the flour for my pastry at 10:30am, I finally finished the tart at 2:30pm. This included a brief interlude to make toasted sandwiches for the kids' lunch, but that took no more than 20 minutes.

By the time I was drying, stacking, rolling and positioning the vegetables, I'd reached the stage where I just wanted to simply 'get it done'. It looked good before it went into the oven, so I took a quick 'before' photo in case disaster ensued in the oven.

Happily presentable out of the oven too, the fear was, of course, that it would be a let down on the tongue. Luckily, these fears were unfounded!

Was it worth the effort? Most definitely to add variety to our table.