After last week's success with Ramen, I wanted to try a lighter Japanese-style soup more reminiscent of the clear broth we've enjoyed at one of the kids' favourite eateries, Wagamama. This evening's recipe didn't come from an authentic Japanese source though. Rather it's one of the first recipes you arrive at in the aptly titled 'in a bowl' section of Nigel Slater's Greenfeast; spring summer, book.

Mr. Slater's miso soup was eminently more subtle than the smack you in the face easy ramen recipe we made which was laden with generous wallops of fish sauce and oyster sauce. Instead, this broth was lightly seasoned by the miso and we followed his advice to add our own rations of soy sauce at the table.

Serving this as a vegetarian family meal I added udon noodles to ensure the kids received a healthy dose of carbohydrate. Loud slurping noises, far too exuberant for anything other than ramen, told me everything I needed to know. Empty bowls, literally drunk clean, was an inevitability.