Looking for a Lamb (from Sunday) leftovers recipe, I opted for an old favourite and one of the dishes that appears on our 2015 list. I love this recipe for so many reasons.

I grew up on shepherd's pie. My Mum would add baked beans - she referred to them as the shepherd's in her pie. My kids have never liked baked beans despite many attempts to introduce their palate to them, so they don't feature on our shopping list and it's why you'll always find me ladling them onto my plate when I'm staying in hotels with a full breakfast option.

Nigella Lawson adds sophistication to the dish on both the meat and potato level. Indian spices alongside the addition of red lentils and the technique of blending the onion, garlic and whole spices delivers a pungent and satisfying flavour to the lamb. The sweet potato topping infused with lime and cardamon is beautifully finished by the ginger juice.

I stripped 500g from our leg of roast lamb and whizzed this up in my food mixer to achieve a cooked minced like consistency and added it two minutes before the spiced lentil mixture was fully cooked.

I served the pie with a side of fine green beans.