The nut loaf; most feared by vegetarians visiting a meat household for Sunday lunch and a dish of derision for the rest of us.

Sadly, the nut loaf has never had its day in the sun, despite January 2020 heralding universal acknowledgement of a thing called 'Veganuary'. Forget dry January. While the UK non-profit Veganuary launched in 2014, its 2020 campaign has seen the term catapulted into everyday parlance. And as food product developers have worked with food retailers to flex their product ranges to make it easier to embrace veganism, profits have soared (see Greggs' announcement of £7m in staff bonuses on the back of the success of last year's vegan sausage roll).

But back to the nut roast. I've tried a number of recipes with varying levels of success some vegetarian, some vegan. I have two exacting food critics (in my 12 year old daughter and 13 year old son) who make it relatively easy to establish whether a recipe has wide appeal.

I've used this budget (non-vegan) recipe from the BBC Good Food website a number of times and it's always delivered results I've been pleased with. This evening was no exception. Conscious that it's relatively high in calories, I console myself with the fact that it contains lots of good stuff!