This evening's meal was inspired by Rukmini Iyer's recipe for Provençal pine nut-crusted salmon, which I found on the Sainsbury's Magazine website.

I say 'inspired by', because when I peered through the window of Fish N' Fine Foods in Duns, some very nice looking haddock fillets caught my eye. I also had second thoughts about using a jar of artichoke antipasto and my husband isn't keen on olives. Instead, I supplemented with courgettes and green beans.

Where I did borrow from the recipe was to spread the fish with dijon mustard and then top with pine nuts blitzed in the food processor. This worked well! Sweet potato also played a starring role in the vegetable line up alongside the roasted vine tomatoes.  

This style of one tray baking is well suited to a busy cook looking to minimise post meal, clean-up. It also looks rather impressive when presented at the table!